2014 Winners

The winners were announced on 4 July 2014.

Congratulations to all.

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Overall School of the Year Award

Sponsored by One Education

Bohunt School

''Bohunt secured this award for its persistent efforts to share what it has learned, as well excelling across the board, not just academically but in terms of students’ personal development, too''

Primary School of Year Award

Sponsored by Browne Jacobson LLP

St Mary's Church of England Primary School

“This is an amazing school with an amazing record of achievement in incredibly difficult circumstances. The can-do approach to educational achievement is an inspiration”

Secondary School of the Year Award

Sponsored by AQA

Bohunt School

''Bohunt is an outstanding school that acts beyond its own walls to share its highly successful approach – and it deserves all the plaudits it gets''

Special Needs School of the Year Award

Sponsored by Pearson Assessment

Longdon Hall School

'' This is a truly student- and family-orientated school, which is doing a fantastic job… Congratulations Longdon Hall School''

Headteacher of the Year Award

Sponsored by The Consortium Education

Jayne Clarke, Ryecroft Primary Academy

“In some of the most trying circumstances possible - Jayne Clarke and her unconditional respect for all children have achieved miracles.”

Inspirational Teacher of the Year Award

Sponsored by WJEC

Aileen Mullen, Donaldson's School

''This is a teacher who really stands out from the crowd for her commitment. The impact of her work on her kids is clearly huge. She is incredibly dedicated to them''

International Award

Sponsored by British Council

Queen Anne High School

''Queen Anne is a fantastic example of how schools can reach beyond their local area to provide a truly international education''

Numeracy and Maths Award

Sponsored by The Consortium Education

Ark Atwood Primary Academy

“This is simply an example of the brilliant application of a brilliant programme achieving brilliant results”

Literacy and English Award

Sponsored by Renaissance Learning

Eastbury Comprehensive School

''In English, 82 per cent of students achieved A*-C, while 94 per cent made three or more levels of progress at GCSE last year. All of this takes place at a school in one of the poorest boroughs of London''

Science Award

Sponsored by Timstar Laboratory Suppliers

Sevenoaks School

''This was a fine example of the work an independent school can do with its wider community''

Ed Tech Award

Sponsored by Dell

New Pasture Lane Primary School

''Ed tech at this school is not an add-on, but an integral part of teaching across the curriculum, bringing lessons to life and ensuring engagement''

Sport and Healthy Eating Award

Sponsored by Tesco

Pallister Park Primary School

''A school with a huge commitment to promoting dance as a route to health. The participation levels are absolutely wonderful – as is the commitment to working with other schools''

Enterprise and Community Award

Treviglas Community College

''it has “successfully put both employability and academic progress at the forefront of the way that learning takes place.''

Humanities Award

Sir Robert Geffery's School

''This is a school that has adopted an innovative approach to RE, and the children make correspondingly excellent progress across classes and age groups''

Bev Evans Resource Contributor of the Year Award

Mike Pye (Owen134866)

''Mike Pye is a bit of a star on TES Connect. He may not hold the record for sharing the most resources, but his 75 uploads are of an extremely high quality, attracting a staggering 250,000-plus views''

Lifetime Achievement Award

Sponsored by World Challenge

Howard Wood, Oathall Community College

Howard Wood “is a wonderful teacher with an extraordinary track record working on the most brilliant project.”

Services to Education Award

Ann Maguire, Corpus Christi Catholic College

''The judges were unanimous in voting to honour an exceptional and  inspirational individual who dedicated her life to the teaching profession''


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